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Shown for the first time outside a museum, this stunning installation of one
thousand miniature earthen pots by artist Kathryn Walker will run from
October 27th through November 30th at Pergola.

The vessels are carefully painted and collaged by the artist, with a fragment
of a Tibetan prayer flag embedded in the surface of each, “a gesture that
evokes the long tradition in Tibet of making ‘treasure vases’ – small decorated
jars filled with talismans and sacred stones that are sealed and buried to bless
and protect the earth and its beings – while simultaneously symbolizing
spiritual generosity” (ARTDAILY.ORG). The works are then finished in an array of patinas and textures from encaustic to varnish.

SANGHA comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “community,” traditionally
a Buddhist devotional community. “Each piece, despite its small stature, is
a powerful presence, symbolic of the differences and beauty in every individual. It speaks to the unique presence each of us contributes to the world and to the vital importance of our commonality.”(AGNES GUND)

Each vessel is one of a series of one thousand, individually numbered and completely unique. They will be available for sale either individually or in curated sets.